what the hell, RvB. don’t make me cry. you’re a goddamn comedy/action series. you have no business making me cry

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hmmm my nbetflix sdoesn’t skip it also sotty for typos am drunk

it’s pretty arbitrary whether it will or it won’t, which makes it worse. the feature’s intended to edit out “previously on…”s but sometimes I think they just decide the title sequence is unimportant in a show? that’s all I can figure. for it to happen you have to let it time out to the next video without touching anything, tho. if you press “next episode” it normally plays the whole intro?
yeah. (have fun with the drunk)

I swear even if netflix had the goddamn simpsons they’d skip past its opening credits during autoplay
I’ve been watching bob’s burgers and it’s aggravating that they skip the intro because it’s really short and has a weekly joke in it (two after season 1)
it’s like. there are shows where this makes sense. but bob’s is not one of them.
also that should be a setting that the user can change because some people really like opening credit sequences. it’s comforting and calming to a lot of people, even beyond just an endorphin reaction. (I have a visceral reaction to credits-skipping (mostly its pattern disruption) that is absolutely related to my neurodivergent shit)

one of the great things about monty oum’s animation in RvB is something I’m really shocked hasn’t been considered in mainstream film animation: you can do shit with the “camera” that you never could with an actual camera. there’s a scene early on in season 9 (I can’t remember which episode) where the camera goes back and forth between two characters in a way that’s dynamic but straight up physically impossible. not to mention the unfeasibly long take in episode 17.
in 3D animation you are not bound by the limitations of live action. take advantage of it.

a lucasarts/scott pilgrim crossover, or: Sam & Max: Vegan Police

"why you should watch gravity falls" - screenshot of two separate blog posts, 2014

"why you should watch gravity falls" - screenshot of two separate blog posts, 2014

maybe the real unthinkable lovecraftian horror was the friends we made along the way

not to mention the fact that there’s no way to actually trigger a wanted level for a race, you have to get yr racers to start or end up in an automatic wanted level location
trust me when I say that’d be a really good thing to have for mapmaking
(I’m making a race based off Vanishing Point just because I’m almost certain nobody’s done it before. but Vanishing Point isn’t Vanishing Point without the police pursuit aspect.)

yo rockstar it’d be super nice if you made race testing actually an instance of the game, I’m creating a race that requires the wanted level to be triggered but it doesn’t go off in test mode

I’m very enh about gta v in a lot of contexts (tho it is undeniably an impressive technical achievement)
but as a machinima tool it’s got a great setup, I’m surprised it hasn’t been used in that way more often
(then again the internet collectively stopped caring about machinima that wasn’t red vs. blue when let’s plays became popular? which is a shame because it’s a cool art form)

and i poured my heart out/it evaporated, see?