the importance of representation, webcomic excerpt and forum post, 2014

(found the forum post by accident while searching for something else EGS-related, but audibly gasped at a cis person realizing for themselves the importance of gender self-determination)

nothing can make me doubt or straight up reject a pizza place faster than “it doesn’t have rootbeer”

sidenote: yes, you heard me right. the roswell road landmark diner location is (or at least was, but was up until very recently) the greek mafia hangout. also the prostitute hangout. which is weird given that it’s smack dab in the middle of buckhead


searching yelp for “food” “open now” yields…gas stations
what the hell

yelp should at least be listing fast food here. not to mention the greek diners, even (especially?) the mafia-owned ones. what the hell is going on here

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Is there a university campus near you? At least one of their computer labs will likely never close. (you’d need a way to find out which tho)

not near me near me. georgia tech’s the closest at 20 minutes surface streets. (then again I think using tech’s computer lab would just make me feel more anxious)

searching yelp for “food” “open now” yields…gas stations
what the hell

urbanspoon has a dedicated late night section
fine, except it’s obviously not been updated in years, seeing as it still lists OK Cafe as late night when it closes at 10 now
(why is it not 24 hour anymore. why)

it’s baffling that most of our depictions of four-dimensional objects are two-dimensional images

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Denny’s generally works for me. Added bonus: unlimited coffee.

you and summer both suggested denny’s! which is great but regardless of how perfect it is for this sort of thing there’s one denny’s in my vicinity and it’s outside the perimeter, as in outside the metropolitan area, as in too far away for this
thanks tho!

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24 hr laundromat? Perkins? Denny’s? Cafe area of a 24 hr grocery store? Your local cooperatively owned cafe that’s open until 4 am?

there are no denny’s in my immediate area (which, what the fuck?), I don’t know of any 24 hour grocery stores near me, and tho midtown and virginia highland have a bunch of those cafés, they all close early
I don’t think we have Perkins, and I’d feel really weird writing at a laundromat. not because I have something against laundromats, but because I get really anxious about taking advantage of an establishment without using the establishment for its intended purpose (i.e. using the bathroom at a restaurant without ordering something, etc.)
and something’s bothering me about the idea of writing at Waffle House? which is weird because I eat there at 2 AM all the time?
I dunno. the main problem here is that even now with the internet and the amount of info google’s indexed there’s still no easy way to look up a comprehensive list of 24 hour or late-night restaurants and other consumer-oriented establishments in yr local area. or at least for the atlanta area
(trust me I’ve looked)

and i poured my heart out/it evaporated, see?