hobgoblins is fucking brilliant, I’ve never laughed so hard at an mst3k episode


inspired by other people I’m starting a new nsfw blog, message me if you want it

reblogging this because night and because only one person has sent me a message and I don’t want only one person having the blog, that’s always a little awkward

inspired by other people I’m starting a new nsfw blog, message me if you want it

someone hire me for yr film soundtrack so I can make it out of severe reinterpretations of movements of Musica ricercata

Musica ricercata's conceit of a set of pieces that each add another tone from the twelve tone scale is such a cool idea, I have no idea why nobody tried it before Ligeti

the first movement of this cycle is fucking astounding minimalist classical music
I love ligeti
seriously listen to the first three minutes of this, you won’t regret it
(I’d suggest also listening to the second movement but if you don’t have the time at least listen to the first one)

the tumblr phrase that I’ve gotten most tired of: “no but imagine”

like even if she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about possible diagnoses for what’s going on in my brain she could at least give some response to my theories other than “hm”

my psychologist is a good psychologist but I don’t know if she’s any good for me
I can’t tell how much of my wanting to keep seeing her is “she is good at this” and how much is “I don’t want to have to relive every tiny bit of my shitty shitty history to another human being, I’d rather talk to someone who knows my family stuff personally”
I think it’s way more the latter. and like that’s a valid thing to feel but I think it might be a problem (she is either diagnosis-apathetic or anti-diagnosis and I need to have a diagnosis so that I know what the fuck’s going on with my brain, to hell with it being “an excuse”)

I came home angrier than I left

and i poured my heart out/it evaporated, see?